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Icône gestion des Gestionnaires d’Accès

Management of Access Managers

To provide employees of your company with access to the online services of the government, you must register your company with the service for the Management of Access Managers (MAM). Read more about this procedure in our "step-by-step guide ".

The first step is to appoint or modify a Chief Access Manager. He is the main person responsible for the access management of your company and is authorised to appoint Access Managers. They, in turn, manage access to applications, such as finance, mobility etc., for a specific group ("domain").

Here you have the possibility of appointing or modifying a Chief Access Manager. The Chief Access Manager must be an employee or a legal representative of the company.

The Chief Access Manager:

  • is responsible for the appointment of the Access Managers who provide the access management within the domains allocated to them, and
  • can be assisted by one or more appointed co-Chief Access Managers.

For the time being there are a number of exception procedures for the appointment of a Chief Access Manager. If you do not fall under these exceptions, then follow the standard procedure.

Standard procedure

Attention: this procedure has to be executed by a legal representative of the company.

Exception procedure

You do not have an eID or electronic foreigner’s card?

Then follow this procedure to appoint a Chief Access Manager (in French)

Please note: do not send your documents by post!
In order to have your appointments handled efficiently, please follow with accuracy the steps described in the procedure.

The Chief Access Managers can appoint Access Managers within the company.

These Access Managers can then manage the users and grant them access to the various online services.

Appoint your Access Managers in the new CSAM environment now.

The granting of access to the various online services of the government does not fall under CSAM. The methods can indeed differ depending on the online service in question.

The following systems are currently available: